Ridley Capital Group is a diversified financial services firm that serves as sponsor, general partner, and investment adviser to private investment funds focused on private investment opportunities. Ridley Capital Group also provides management consulting services to portfolio companies and prospective investments. RCG Capital Management is registered with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission as an investment adviser. RCG Partners serves as general partner to funds sponsored by Ridley Capital Group.


Ridley Capital Group provides much more than capital to investment partners. Our team of investment, business and legal professionals provide our investment partners with additional knowledge and resources to execute its business plan and increase enterprise value. Our world-wide network of business leaders with expertise across dozen of industries allow our team to access vital knowledge sources within specific industries we seek to deploy capital.


Community banks are experiencing a fundamental change to its core business model that will forever change the landscape of the industry. Consumerism in the United States is paralyzed, real estate speculation is non-existent, and many community bank’s revenue mix are out of balance with poor risk orientation.