Ridley Capital Group is a diversified financial services firm that serves as sponsor, general partner, and investment manager to RCG private investment funds focused on both publicly traded and private investment opportunities. Ridley Capital Group also provides corporate capital consulting services to companies seeking capital analysis and restructuring, strategic opportunities, and value-enhancing initiatives. RCG Partners serves as general partner to funds sponsored by Ridley Capital Group. Ridley Capital provides custom investment management services through its affiliate, OAI Capital, which utilizes deep learning technology to align actual investments with a client’s true risk tolerance and investment objectives. OAI offers traditional and alternative asset management to individuals, institutions, trust and estates, retirement plans, IRAs, and 401-Ks. To learn more, email us at info@ridleycap.com or info@oaicapital.com


Ridley Capital Group is focused on sustained performance value for investors, portfolio companies, and corporate clients through the strategic allocation of intellectual, human, and financial capital. Our proprietary private investment funds are processed driven to achieve long-term investment objectives within stated risk parameters, which enhance all stakeholders’ experiences. Our team of investment, business and service professionals provide portfolio companies with critical access, knowledge, and resources to execute and increase enterprise value. Our investment professionals’ experience is both deep and wide, offering clients and partners resources to accurately assess strategic initiatives and confirm business thought processes. Our hand to glove relations creates enduring value with the objective of enhancing performance over time.


“A rising tide floats all boats… only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

This famous quote from renown investor Warren Buffet is especially appropriate in these volatile times. Investors worth their salt tend to perform best relative to peers and benchmarks when the tide goes out. Following the crowd is no recipe for admirable investment performance over the long term. The tide rolled out in 2022 and many were swimming naked. At Ridley Capital, we ignore the daily noise and focus on discovering undervalued investment opportunities through our process-oriented research and due diligence effort, which in time can lead to admirable performance.