Frequently Asked Questions

Investing with Ridley Capital

I’m interested in investing with RIDLEY CAPITAL, how do I learn more?

RIDLEY CAPITAL provides custom investment management services for individuals, institutions, family offices, retirement systems, trust and estates, retirement plans, and 401-Ks through an affiliated investment advisory firm, OAI Capital. 

Ridley Capital manages two private investment funds for accredited investors, the RCG Stable Fund and the RCG Select Opportunities Fund. The investment objective of the Stable Fund is to provide a high level of current monthly income while maintaining a stable principal value. The investment objective of the Select Opportunities Fund is long-term growth of capital. Email us at or call (502) 654-8950 to learn more. 

Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest with RIDLEY CAPITAL?

You do not need to be an accredited investor if you are interested in our investment advisory services.

You do need to be accredited under SEC Rule 501 If you are interested in investing in our RCG Stable Fund or our RCG Select Opportunities Fund. There are three ways to determine and define an accredited investor:

  • A person with annual income exceeding $200,000, or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000, in the two most recent years and an expectation of the same income level in the current year.
  • A person who has an individual, or joint with spouse, net worth that exceeds $1 million at the time of purchase, excluding the value of the primary residence of the person.
  • An individual who has certain professional certifications, designations, or credentials.

If you are interested in custom investment management services, you do not need to be accredited. Email us at to learn more about our investment funds and custom investment management services.

I’m interested in income and capital preservation, does RIDLEY CAPITAL have a fund with this focus?

Yes, the RCG Stable Fund’s investment objective is to generate a high level of current monthly income while maintaining principal stability by providing short-term collateralized loans to qualified businesses. Please email us at to learn more.

I’m interested in growth-oriented investments, does RIDLEY CAPITAL have opportunities with this focus?

Yes, the RCG Select Opportunities Fund is an actively managed fund with an investment objective of long-term growth of capital. It strives to achieve its investment objective through the investment in publicly traded and private investment classes. Please email us at to learn more.

Private Equity Investments

What is RIDLEY CAPITAL’s typical deal size? 

Equity investments are executed through our RCG Select Opportunities Fund, which allocates a varying percentage of the Fund’s assets towards private equity investments. As RIDLEY CAPITAL has grown, we have increased the amount allocated for a qualified equity investment.

What geographic region does RIDLEY CAPITAL concentrate on? 

RIDLEY CAPITAL actively invests in companies across the country, but there is a natural tendency for many of our investments to be in the Midsouth, Midwest and Southeast. 

Secured Corporate Loans:

I’m looking for a corporate loan as opposed to an equity investment to fund high growth, is RIDLEY CAPITAL a good fit for me? 

RIDLEY CAPITAL provides flexible short-term (<12 months, with ability to renew) secured corporate loans collateralized by unencumbered primary assets which can be liquidated reasonably quickly. This tends to narrow qualified borrowers to the finance consumer non-durable sector of the economy. Real estate generally does not qualify as acceptable collateral given its illiquidity. 

What are some important criteria for a company to qualify for a loan?

High and growing cash flow from rising demand via new contracts, new products, or greater distribution.

What are the general terms of your loans?

Our loans are customized to each borrower depending on the industry in which it operates, its financial profile, growth profile and other factors.

Do you loan to individuals? 

RCG Stable Fund does not provide loans to individuals. If a client is an investment advisory client, our third-party custodian does provide loans secured by the value of its marketable securities.

Investment Advisory Services:

Does RIDLEY CAPITAL provide comprehensive investment management services for individuals and institutions?

RCG provides custom investment management for individuals, institutions, and retirement assets through its affiliate OAI Capital.

Why does RIDLEY CAPITAL offer investment management services through a separate company?

OAI Capital is a newer entity and has a broader ownership structure than RIDLEY CAPITAL.

How do I get more information on OAI’s investment advisory services?

Visit OAI Capital’s website at or send an email to requesting more information.

Corporate Capital Consulting:

Does RIDLEY CAPITAL provide capital consulting services only to portfolio companies?

No, RIDLEY provides capital consulting services for a broad swath of companies from diverse industries. Given RIDLEY’s investment Funds are narrowly focused, many companies utilizing our consulting services are not portfolio companies of our Funds.

If RIDLEY CAPITAL decides to pass on an investment opportunity, will it engage with the company to restructure its capital stack? 

Yes, this is not uncommon given our deep experience in capital structuring and warm relations with global business leaders.

Does RIDLEY CAPITAL provide consultation services to companies seeking strategic opportunities? 

Yes. During a capital restructuring many companies realize that seeking alternative solutions makes more sense than forging ahead alone. 



We are seemingly always in firing mode, and always interested in talking with talented professionals. Feel free to email your resume with specific experiences to

Does RIDLEY CAPITAL hire consultants with specific industry experience?

Yes, being a boutique firm requires us to hire experts with specific industry experienced professionals. Feel free to email your resume with specific experiences to

Does RIDLEY CAPITAL allow employees and consultants to work remotely?

Yes, depending on the job responsibilities of the employee. We are a flexible firm that strives to hire talented professionals with broad capabilities.