Ridley Capital Group provides more than capital to our investment partners and clients. Our team of investment, business and specialized professionals provide our partners with additional knowledge and resources to execute its business plan, forge beneficial relationships and increase enterprise value. Our worldwide network of professionals with expertise across dozens of industries and disciplines allow our team to access vital knowledgeable sources within sectors in which we invest and advise clients.

We are headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, which we believe provides us with an advantage to sourcing the mid-south United States and provides us an advantage in sourcing strong opportunities not seen by firms in money center cities. There is less competition and less hype than in money centers, which gives us more time to study opportunities and avoid overpaying for an investment. We receive constant deal flow from relations around the world because we are dependable partners. This reliability creates dedication, loyalty and, over time, results.

Our due diligence process is rigorous and thorough. When assessing the merit of a prospective investment – or advising a client strategically – RCG dives deep into a company’s operations, technology, sales and marketing strategies, finances, capital structure, management, legal structure, regulatory considerations, and industry dynamics. Our level of thoroughness provides RCG not only with an impressive understanding of our portfolio companies; it also allows us to unleash targeted and necessary resources to help management teams succeed and stakeholders to win.


Information, markets, and opportunities move fast, and it is important to assess investment possibilities with a clear, process-oriented focus. Filtering hyperbole and muting external noise is an advantage we cultivate and enjoy. Information is everywhere, but the interpretation of information varies significantly. We work hard to analyze and understand inputs, dynamics and its consequences when assessing the unsteady balance between risk and return.

We are industry agnostic, but naturally lean towards businesses that enhance end-market efficiencies and experiences. Ridley Capital provides resources and leadership to help clients and partners succeed. We are experienced and accomplished investors and business operators. We offer unique thinking based on grounded sensibilities, broad resources, and global relations to achieve defined goals.

Identifying and executing opportunities requires creativity, discipline, and focus. The pace of the world is fast, which masks both reward and risk. We embrace this pace and the possibilities it creates, knowing opportunity doesn’t simply fall into one’s lap, but is cultivated through nurtured relationships, patience, and independent thought.