Ridley Capital Group is a diversified financial services firm that serves as sponsor, general partner, and investment adviser to private investment funds focused on private investment opportunities. Ridley Capital Group also provides management consulting services to portfolio companies and prospective investments. RCG Partners serves as general partner to funds sponsored by Ridley Capital Group.

Professional Pedigree

Our management team is comprised of seasoned investment professionals with decades of success in managing billions of assets, structuring dozens of transactions, and guiding portfolio holdings towards success and additional opportunities. Our team blends intelligence, creativity and experience with common sense, resulting in informed investment decisions.

Global Scope

An important differentiator is the global reach of our management team, vendors and consultants. Our global reach allows us to access foreign governments, public and private corporate executives, and leading industry consultants to help source, investigate and collaborate on investment opportunities.

Best-In-Class Platform

The infrastructure of RCG is built on the shoulders of seasoned professionals with a broad spectrum of experience in operations, structured finance, administration, compliance, legal, marketing, technology and development to support and guide our limited partners and portfolio holding companies.

Mutual Benefit

RCG fosters a culture of collaboration and teamwork between its funds, employees, and portfolio companies. The success and growth of each are aligned.