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Ridley Capital Announces the Launch and Initial Funding of RCG Stable Fund.

October 7, 2019 – Louisville, Kentucky

Ridley Capital Group announced the formation and initial funding of the RCG Stable Fund Partnership, LLLP, an asset-backed, alternative lending vehicle to enable fundamentally stable businesses meet robust demand.  RCG Stable Fund offers investors with a high, monthly income and stability of principal while providing corporate borrowers with an alternative to banks or expensive equity capital.

The Fund intends to focus on companies in the financial services and niched consumer growth markets with strong cash-flows and stable customers.  The Fund lends on an asset-base, or secured basis, to reduce risk of capital loss.  Additionally, the Fund limits initial loans to one-year, but it has the ability to renew loan commitments up to 18 months.

The Fund is a private stable-priced investment vehicle available only through Ridley Capital Group, and will remain open to qualified investors for the foreseeable future.

For more information on the Fund’s investment objective, investor qualifications and Fund documents, please email or call (502) 654-8950. 

Ridley Capital Group Announces Sale of ABE.AI

January 2, 2019 – Louisville, Kentucky

ABE.AI, an artificial intelligence company focused on advancing ease to financial services to mobile consumers, and sponsored and funded by Ridley Capital Group, announced the close of its sale to Envestnet (ENV: NYSE). Terms are not publicly available.

Shawn Ridley, Managing Partner of Ridley Capital Group, commented that “ABE.AI is led by great talents, and I’m excited to see its powerful applications adopted by a powerful financial services company that wants to enhance customer engagement.” Ridley continued to say, “We started ABE with an idea, defined our cause, and engaged our market that is desperately in need of customer engagement.”

Ridley Capital Closes Integrated Capital Structuring with T2 Investments for Taurus Capital Management

September 23, 2018 – Louisville, Kentucky

Ridley Capital Group announced the closing of an integrated capital structure with T2 Investments for Taurus Capital Management.  The new capital structure allowed Taurus to simultaneously close on a mixed-use, commercial property in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.  Terms were not disclosed.  T2 Investment is a Chicago, Illinois based private investment firm focused on real estate investment properties.  Taurus Capital Management is a Louisville, Kentucky based commercial real estate investment and management firm with specific focus on the Louisville metro market.

Click, LLC. Sells to Saxon Global

April 5, 2018 – Click, LLC., a technology-staffing firm with principal offices in Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio, announced today that it completed the sale of its assets to Saxon Global, a Dallas, Texas based technology-staffing firm. Terms were not disclosed. Ridley Capital acted as Principal advisor to Click, LLC.

Sam Smith, Chief Executive of Click, LLC., will remain with Saxon Global serving as Senior Vice President. “We’re excited about the opportunity this transaction allows and believe we will utilize the combined assets to grow existing markets at a rapid pace,” said Smith.

Zoomifi Engages Ridley Capital for Business and Capital Structuring Services

March, 2018 – Louisville, Kentucky

 Ridley Capital and Zoomifi entered into an exclusive services agreement for Ridley to provide Zoomifi comprehensive business and capital structuring services in anticipation of accelerating growth.  Zoomifi, based in Swedesboro, New Jersey, provides point of sales apps through Clover payment systems for small and medium businesses to manage order flow, payment processing, inventory management, and additional management tasks for retail and e-commerce companies.

Windtalker Engages Ridley Capital for Business and Capital Structuring Services

June 4, 2017 – Louisville, Kentucky

Ridley Capital and Windtalker entered into an exclusive services agreement for Ridley to provide Windtalker comprehensive business and capital structure services in anticipation of accelerating growth.  Windtalker, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a content encryption software platform that enables users to securely share data information throughout its life cycle. 

Ridley Capital Group to Advise Taurus Capital Management

LOUISVILLE, KY – Ridley Capital Group has been engaged by Taurus Capital Management to advise in capital formation and structure for its commercial real estate portfolios. Ridley Capital will assess and consult Taurus on its existing and prospective capital needs and structure. “Taurus Capital has a terrific history in realizing impressive returns by focusing on a niche commercial real estate market and applying its operational management expertise,” said Shawn Ridley, Managing Partner of Ridley Capital Group. “We feel that Taurus has significant capital capacity that can be strategically deployed to take advantage of unique opportunities.”

Ridley Capital Group is a Louisville, Kentucky based private investment and advisory firm focused on financial services and consumer products that enhance the human experience through natural, organic or environment-friendly applications.