Ridley Capital Announces the Launch and Initial Funding of RCG Stable Fund.

October 7, 2019 – Louisville, Kentucky

Ridley Capital Group announced the formation and initial funding of the RCG Stable Fund Partnership, LLLP, an asset-backed, alternative lending vehicle to enable fundamentally stable businesses meet robust demand.  RCG Stable Fund offers investors with a high, monthly income and stability of principal while providing corporate borrowers with an alternative to banks or expensive equity capital.

The Fund intends to focus on companies in the financial services and niched consumer growth markets with strong cash-flows and stable customers.  The Fund lends on an asset-base, or secured basis, to reduce risk of capital loss.  Additionally, the Fund limits initial loans to one-year, but it has the ability to renew loan commitments up to 18 months.

The Fund is a private stable-priced investment vehicle available only through Ridley Capital Group, and will remain open to qualified investors for the foreseeable future.

For more information on the Fund’s investment objective, investor qualifications and Fund documents, please email info@n0m.db0.myftpupload.com or call (502) 654-8950.