Ridley Capital Group Launches Total Return Fund

The RCG Select Opportunities Fund is Fourth Fund

September 30, 2021- Louisville, Kentucky

Ridley Capital Group announced the launch of a total return investment fund – the RCG Select Opportunities Fund – the fourth offering since its inception in 2009. The fund will focus on providing investors with long-term capital appreciation and relatively high current income through the investment in public and private asset classes. “We expect returns in most asset classes to consolidate over the next few years,” commented Shawn J. Ridley, Managing Partner of
Ridley Capital Group. “Rising interest rates due to inflationary pressures and growing national debt will cause economic headwinds and create select opportunities in both public and private investment markets.” The management team of the Fund will deploy its extensive investment experience in balancing portfolio risk while utilizing its completive advantages to create sustainable value during both good and challenging markets. The Fund is an evergreen fund, which indicates it will be open to qualified new investors indefinitely.

This is the fourth investment fund offered by Ridley Capital Group since its founding in 2009, and its first evergreen fund with an investment objective of growth and income. The firm also manages the RCG Stable Fund, an alternative debt fund offering qualified investors high, stable monthly income by providing secured, short-term debt solutions to growing businesses. The Stable Fund is also an evergreen fund and remains open to investors. For more information, please email info@n0m.db0.myftpupload.com or call 502-654-8950.

About Ridley Capital Group: Ridley Capital Group is a diversified financial services firm providing capital consulting services to general partners, asset management firms, financial service companies, real estate companies and broad consumer product companies. Ridley entities also serve as general partner to the RCG Stable Fund and the RCG Select Opportunities Fund.